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Streetwear. The latest fashion trend. Exclusive drops for the elite. Limited quantities available. Sit back, enjoy your latest cop and showcase your gear to family and friends. If your goal is to rein Supreme or stay Anti Social there’s something out there for everyone. Whatever your brand preference, after a long day, there are few things better than securing the latest drop.

As Virgil Abloh said: “People, when they say ‘streetwear,’ they miss the central component, which is that it’s real people; it’s clothes that are worn on the street.”

If you want to show the world your unique style; that you’re a person of class and not an average guy, then what you wear does matter as its always your first impression.

In this article, you’ll learn the subtle, yet key difference between the new brands you may have never experienced.

But we need to define streetwear first.

What Is Streetwear?

First things first. If you don’t know what streetwear is, it’s time for you to get up to speed on this fashion trend that is sweeping the world.

Broadly speaking, streetwear is more than clothing it’s a culture. The best streetwear brands with a few exceptions, have built their brand off T-shirts, not catering specifically to just an urban or skate audience, and focusing on distributing through a few selective channels.

Wikipedia defines streetwear: is a style of casual clothing which became global in the 1990s. It grew from Californian surf and skate culture to encompass elements of sportswear, hip hop, punk and Japanese street fashion. Eventually haute couture became an influence. It commonly centers on “casual, comfortable pieces such as jeans, T-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers”.Enthusiasts follow particular brands and try to obtain limited edition releases.

Within the broad category of streetwear there are numerous things to consider. Modern day streetwear is a culture and movement regardless of if they are hypebeasts, skaters, or menswear nerds.

Mario Millions
  • Mario Millions
  • Watson & Family Clothing
  • Hampton Comics


Streetwear is not simply a product. It is a way of living. A mindset. It is for those who want to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. For those who know that life is to be savored. For those who know how to work hard, yet also breathe deeply.

Virgil Abloh famously said, “Fashion is kinda a joke. I don’t get too bogged down in the clothes. For me, it’s one big art project, just a canvas to show that fashion should have a brand which has someone behind it who cares about different contexts. Social things.”